Coast Watch Company already have three (3) years under its belt, and we take pride in making every customer feel as special as we see them! 
Therefore we give a 2-year international warranty on every purchase and support within hours for nearly all inquiries.


We started this journey exactly as anyone of our customers, so we know how important personal contact is. Therefore we will never hire anyone that is not like us, and we will never turn to cooperate. This is our passion, not only our job.

Every person who buys a watch from us has direct access to our 'Coast Community', which is gonna launch later this year. It will be a closed Facebook group where we will reveal upcoming models first, and also, you as a customer will have a say in colourways and other fun things! Besides that, you have access to special offers, giveaways, and fun stuff like this! 


Wholesale is not possible, we are a small independent brand, and we want to give our customers the absolute best prices, which are in direct sales.


We use secure payments, and we will never sell your information to any third party, we will always be 100% transparent


​- Credit / Debit Cards

- Offline Payments